Fine Print

Fine Print

  These restrictions apply to every ISayyaS, unless specifically contradicted in the Fine Print:

> Not valid for cash back
> Must be used in one visit
> Does not cover additional tax, service charge or gratuity (unless otherwise stated)
> Cannot be combined with other offers
> Cannot use until day after purchase (unless otherwise stated)
> All bookings are subject to availability
> All bookings with confirmation are non-refundable

Restaurant ISayyaSs are valid toward drinks unless specifically contradicted in the Fine Print.

Refund & Returns

For Products:
In an effort to get products to the customer in the quickest time possible, products are dispatched for delivery automatically with the issuing of the respective voucher. Therefore, we are unable to offer refunds on products after the customer has received the voucher as the product will have already been dispatched for delivery.  All returned items should be with original packaging (box/bag/cover).

Product Warranty: Unless specifically mentioned in the deal, products are not covered by warranty.
Defective Products: Will be fully refunded upon the customer returning the product to ISayyaS within 7 days of receiving, conditional on the item(s) being unused and in original packing condition.

Defective: In the event that an electronic product has a technical defect (manufacturing defect) at the time of receipt or during the period stated as warranty by ISayyaS in the fine print of that specific deal, in such cases ISayyaS would first make an attempt to fix the product.  If we are unable to repair the product in 14 working days since receipt of the item, then in that case we would either provide a replacement for it or a refund.

For Services: 
Returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. Within the limits of reason, we’ll do what it takes to make you happy. Unless there is something wrong with the purchase, we are generally unable to offer refunds after one week from the purchase date. If you’d like to discuss returning a deal, submit your request through to

For Tickets:
ISayyaS Voucher for Ticket Deals cannot be exchanged, refunded or returned after the customer has received the voucher, unless the event is cancelled or moved to another date. 

Product Delivery Restrictions

Undeliverable Items:

The courier company will attempt to contact and deliver a product to the customer for a period of 7 days. In addition, ISayyaS will also try to contact the customer for an additional 7 days to inform them of the delivery. A product is deemed “Undeliverable” if neither the courier company nor ISayyaS are able to reach the customer during that period.
This may be due to unanswered phone call attempts or wrong contact and delivery information.

ISayyaS cannot guarantee the availability of the product beyond this time. If the product is no longer being held, and upon the customer’s request, a refund can be processed to ISayyaS Credit less the delivery charges payable to the courier company, EVEN IF THE DELIVERY IS NOT COMPLETED.

Out of Delivery areas

The following list details locations within the UAE that are classified as “out of delivery” areas wherein a hand delivery cannot be affected.

Non Delivery Areas in Abu Dhabi vicinity

Khalifa City A, Mussafah, GAMCO (Gulf Aircraft maintenance co), Airport terminal 1, After airport site office, Al Bahia, Al Khatam, Al Khanza, Al Raha, Al Rahba, Al Saad, Al Samha, Al Sila, Al Watba, Areas starting with telephone number 51*******, Bainoona, Baniyas, Beda Zayed, Buhasa, Ghayati, Habshan, Jabel Dhana, Journ ya Four, Liwa, Madinat Zayed City, Mafraq, Mirfa, Mohd Bin Zayed City, Ruwais, Sahamah, Sila, Suwehan, Tarif, Taweelah, Yahar, Asab, Yas Island, Gandoot, Sir Baniyas, Guwaifath, Das Island, Musaffah-ICAD City 2, Al Wagan, Al Remah, Shuhaib, Al Oha, Zakher, Maqam, Hill, Meyzad (after camp).

Deliveries cannot be made to islands that come under Abu Dhabi jurisdiction, all security controlled zones and defense areas.

As an alternative arrangement, these shipments can be held at a location in Abu Dhabi for the consignee’s collection.

Non delivery areas in Al Ain/Ajman/Umma Al Quwain/Fujairah/Ras Al Khaimah vicinity:

Al Wagan, Al Hayer, Al Remah, Shuhaib, Al Oha, Zakher, Maqam, Hill, Meyzad(after camp), Adan, Al Jeer, Shamm, Khath, Burairath, Siji Al Hail (Crushers/dusan site), Shahma residential area (Dhaid)

Deal FAQ

These answers apply to all deals, unless specifically contradicted in the Fine Print.

How long do I have to wait to use my ISayyaS once I’ve purchased it?

You can start using ISayyaSs after the deal ends or instantly depending on the “Fine Print” of each deal

Do I need to book in advance when using my ISayyaS?

Advance booking is essential when redeeming your ISayyaS unless specifically contradicted in the Fine Print. Any further redemption instructions will be included in the Fine Print section.

Do I need to mention ISayyaS when booking?

Yes. Always quote ISayyaS when booking.

How do I print a PDF voucher?

To download your ISayyaS in the PDF format please follow the steps below, which apply for any ISayyaS you purchase:

1) Log on to
2) Click on the login button at the extreme right hand

3) Enter your username (the email address registered with us) and your password
4) Once logged in, please click on the ‘My Orders’ section of ‘My Account’
5) Use the “Your iSayyaS” icon below the relevant voucher to download and print

Can I give this ISayyaS as a gift?

Yes. Don’t worry if your name is on the ISayyaS you are giving, as long as the reference number hasn’t been used yet, your friend won’t have a problem redeeming the ISayyaS.

The Fine Print says “1 iSayyaS per person, multiple may be purchased as gifts.” Can I buy myself some ISayyaSs as gifts to myself and use more than one for myself?

No. If the Fine Print states “1 iSayyaS per person”, you can only redeem one yourself

How much should I tip when I redeem my iSayyaS?

Please tip on the full amount of the pre-discounted bill.